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ArmRLite Advantage: Superior Warranties

ArmRLite Advantage: Superior Warranties

May 18, 2020

In general, a warranty is a kind of guarantee made by a manufacturer regarding the condition of a product and their responsibility should that product not function as described or intended. Warranties often have time limits or terms within which they are active, as well as exceptions due to user error or acceptable limitations based on industry standards. In the overhead sectional door industry, a products warranty tells you everything you need to know up front about the quality of the product and of the manufacturer supplying it.

Why is a Warranty Important?

ArmRLite Advantage: Superior frame and finish warrantiesManufactures in the sectional door industry go to great lengths to be heard and seen. It can be difficult to tell products apart due to exterior similarities consistent across glass garage doors in general. Similar to the auto industry, without a company seal or logo on a standard vehicle to identify the manufacturer it can be difficult for a customer to know who made it and what kind of quality they are getting. Two cars may look similar from the exterior, but how can a customer know which is the better product? Look at the product’s warranty.

How long a manufacturer warranties a product tells you up front how much faith and quality they instill into it. The sectional door industry averages a limited 1-5 year manufacturer frame warranty on aluminum and glass sectional doors and a limited 1 year warranty on finishes. For comparison, ArmRLite warranties our welded aluminum and glass frames for 20 years, except top section when trolley operated. In addition, we warranty our anodized and Fluropon® finishes for 20 years, except on installations within 1 mile of salt water.

ArmRLite has been manufacturing welded aluminum and glass overhead doors for more than 60 years. Our doors have been used on homes, restaurants, theaters, fire departments, and service stations. Each door we make carries with it the same level of quality and value our customers have come to expect from an ArmRLite brand product.

A products warranty is indicative of how well it retains its quality and value over time. ArmRLite’ s standard warranties are at minimum 4x longer than industry average. This proves to our current and future customers the level of commitment and reliability our products have vs. what can be expected from other manufacturers.

If you have any questions regarding ArmRLite’s warranties, please contact us. Our sales team would be glad to help with any questions you may have.

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