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ArmRLite Advantage: Energy Efficiency Package

ArmRLite Advantage: Energy Efficiency Package

May 1, 2020

The first insulated garage doors introduced into the market were constructed of steel with polystyrene insulation. These doors offered very few customization options and were limited in their energy efficiency performance. For years after that initial introduction, customers have increased their demand for better performing products with higher levels of customization. While many manufacturers struggle to meet those demands, ArmRLite has stepped up to the challenge by offering our Energy Efficiency Package option for our welded aluminum and glass overhead sectional doors. While custom options for steel doors are often limited, our welded aluminum and glass doors provide the customization the market craves along with the energy efficiency it demands.

It’s what’s on the Inside that Counts

Energy Efficient overhead sectional door - Insulated rails and stilesArmRLite’s Energy Efficiency Package uses polyurethane expanding foam to fill all sides of our 4-sided aluminum frame extrusions. This process results in a door that can support either a 5/8” insulated or 1” insulated glass unit with a fully insulated frame. While some insulated models offered by our competitors use polystyrene, the same insulation material used years ago, ArmRLite only offers our Energy Efficiency Package with polyurethane insulation. Why is that important?

Polystyrene is a cheaper insulation material than Polyurethane which makes it preferable for low cost manufacturers. The lower cost directly correlates to a lower insulation performance for the assembly. Polystyrene used in aluminum doors is often cut from sheets, similar to those used as packing material, and stuffed into the aluminum extrusions. While this allows manufactures to market the frame as insulated, there is much to be desired with regard to thermal performance once installed.

ArmRLite uses Polyurethane expanding foam insulation to insulate our aluminum frames. The polyurethane is injected directly into the 4-sided extrusions and fills all the nooks and crannies with insulation – something that is not possible with polystyrene sheets. Polyurethane is a better preforming insulator than polystyrene offering better R-values for assemblies than what can be achieved with polystyrene.

In addition to offering our Energy Efficiency Package with our aluminum doors for projects interested in gaining some thermal benefits with their investment; ArmRLite can also supply assemblies with tested values. As Building codes continue to become stricter and more specific with regard to energy efficiency, such as California’s Title 24, ArmRLite can supply aluminum and glass garage doors with documented and tested values for those projects that require it.

If you have any questions regarding our Energy Efficiency Package for our overhead doors or NFRC labled/tested doors, please feel free to contact us.

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