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Garage Door Maintenance and Safety: What You Need to Know

October 18, 2013

Garage door maintenance and safety is an important aspect of owning and operating an overhead door. Consistent maintenance and inspection of wearable parts like cables and springs can extend the life of your ArmRLite garage door and ensure safe operation year after year.

ArmRLite Garage Door Maintenance and Safety Tip

If you own a home or business and suspect you door requires maintenance or service, ArmRLite suggests having a certified overhead door dealer or installer inspect your garage door. A garage door is the largest moving object on homes and on most businesses and should be treated with appropriate respect and care. This is especially true when it comes time to replace worn out parts like springs and cables which must perform under intense stress in order for a garage door to open properly. Springs, parts that are attached to the springs, or parts that require your door to be partially dismantled for replacement should always be done by a professional. If maintenance and replacement are done incorrectly, serious injury or death can occur even with the smallest garage doors.

Click here for a quick safety guide on ArmRLite garage doors or contact us if you require garage door maintenance.


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