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Residential Aluminum Garage Doors: Unlimited Potential

November 26, 2013

Glass Residential Garage DoorGarage doors are usually the last thing on your mind when you look at the value of your home. Is the wood on your old garage door cracked and splitting, the paint flaking off in chunks with mismatched replacement panels or spare cloth covering up damaged sections and broken glass? Or maybe it’s an old vanilla, white raised panel steel garage door; you know, like the one everyone else in your neighborhood has. Either way, that garage door can hold back the value of your home – especially if it is in a less than desirable state. Your overlooked garage door can represent up to 30% of your home’s curb appeal and directly affect the overall value of your home.

Increase Your Homes Curb Appeal with a Custom Garage Door by ArmRLite

As more and more Americans begin to identify and address the importance of their garage doors, a growing demand for more unique, appealing, and increased value-driving garage door designs has begun to take hold. In response to the new fervor erupting from the residential market, ArmRLite has introduced our new Platinum Collection series of welded aluminum and glass garage doors. Old wood doors crack and splinter and white raised panel steel doors are boring, but aluminum and glass garage doors pop with a unique vibrancy that is all their own. Welded aluminum garage doors can be customized to meet any design vision with near-endless finish and glass choices. This means you will no longer simply be keeping up with the Joneses, you’ll leave them in your dust.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in looking into the option of a custom aluminum and glass garage door for your home.

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