Real Housewife Dolores Catania Chooses ArmRLite! Watch Now
Alexander Modern Overhead Sectional Garage Door
Alexander Modern Overhead Sectional Garage Door

Real Housewife Dolores Catania Chooses ArmRLite Modern Garage Doors for Her Home

March 9, 2022

Real Housewife Dolores Catania is a popular television personality, entrepreneur, and philanthropist also known for her exquisite home design and decorating skills. Dolores chose ArmRLite modern garage doors during her recent home renovation to protect her home and add the perfect finishing touch to its exterior. Black Alexander model aluminum and glass garage doors, which feature cross bucking that lends the perfect rustic touch to the entryway, accent her newly remodeled home.

ArmRLite, the trendsetter in garage door design and manufacture, is the innovative, top-quality garage door manufacturer relied on by discerning homeowners, home designers, and prominent architects throughout the country for our stylish and exceptionally strong and reliable customizable garage doors. Our award-winning designs, which stand out for their extraordinary beauty and unparalleled functionality, have received numerous accolades from national industry publications and are featured on celebrities’ homes throughout the United States.

Real Housewife Dolores shows us the gorgeous Black Alexander-model aluminum and glass garage doors that accent her newly remodeled home.

Customizable Luxury

For over 60 years, ArmRLite has been marrying function and luxury to create residential entrance solutions that provide the utmost in beauty, durability, and dependability. Our top-quality customized garage doors augment the curb appeal of homes across the United States. We can help you differentiate your home by customizing our aluminum, glass, steel, wood, or wood-clad garage doors to your specifications. We offer an array of options to make your door unique to your home, including unique glass, finish, and color options, fixed overhead transoms, crank-out awning windows, matching gate and entrance door systems, and much more. ArmRLite also offers an exclusive Energy Efficient Package that provides maximum insulation in every climate, with options like fully-insulated aluminum panels and frames, glazing up to 1-inch thick, and water-sealed doors that prevent leaks. Our team of forward-thinking expert designers and fabricators can create a modern residential garage door of unparalleled strength and durability customized to your style and perfectly complements your home.

Innovative Garage Door Construction

ArmRLite’s innovative overhead doors are a wise investment that protects your home and family and saves you money over time. Unlike other garage door companies, we design and manufacture our residential overhead doors using 100% welded construction that provides unmatched strength, durability, and quality and enables us to supply the highest degree of customization available in a residential overhead door. Plus, our time-tested manufacturing process makes it easy for us to quickly supply door panels and manufactured replacement parts for any door we’ve ever produced, making maintenance economical for decades.

Integrity and Exceptional Customer Service

We design and manufacture all ArmRLite overhead doors in the USA at our Piscataway, NJ facility. As a family-owned, women-led business that’s founded on integrity, we provide a 20-year welded structural warranty on every door we manufacture; the best warranty in the industry! Our engineering and customer service staff provide every homeowner exceptional customer service and treat them like family. Our in-house engineers work with you to determine your needs and translate your vision into a customized design for a garage door that our experienced manufacturing team will fabricate to fit your new or existing home.

ArmRLite modern garage doors

Dolores Catania pictured with her new ArmRLite modern garage doors.
Model: Alexander Overhead Sectional Door

Luxurious Entrance Solutions that Make Good Sense

Real Housewife Dolores Catania turned to ArmRLite for customizable luxury that would protect her home and give it unique curb appeal. If you’re hoping to see the results of Delores’s beautifully remodeled home and stylish ArmRLite garage doors, tune in to Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. If you care about first impressions, make a wise investment in a luxurious ArmRLite entrance solution that will impress your neighbors, protect your family, and add functionality and curb appeal to your home. To learn more about ArmRLite’s top-quality, one-of-a-kind residential garage doors, visit our website at

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