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Garage and Overhead Door Manufacturer: ArmRLite

November 5, 2011

ArmRLite, the highest quality overhead garage door manufacturer in the U.S. has been recently featured in a national door and operator magazine. For the full article, please view our Feature Article and Publications page.

Garage Door Manufacturer: ArmRLiteArmRLite the Overhead Garage Door Manufacturer

During the interview for the article, our Vice Presicent and Key Accounts Manager shared some important facts that garage door dealers and installers should always consider when approaching a job:

  • More door dealers should treat the products they sell as custom products like other industries do. This will enable them to get deposits for shop drawings, progress payments, etc. and will allow them to be paid in full when they show up on the job (with the exception of labor). If labor is 10% of a job, dealers would be able to be 90% paid when arriving on the project. Wouldn’t this be a significant industry standard!
  • Our industry’s products are truly custom made. A 10×10 may be a standard size door, but every track is made specific to fit each building. It may be as subtle as masonry jambs versus wood jambs, but is not grabbed off the shelf. By changing a mindset of general contractors, it would allow for better cash flow for door dealers and also lower their risk.
  • More dealers should sell quality and not price. When people say it is too much money, what they really mean is “tell me why this costs more”.
  • Dealers should never undervalue the worth of their services.
  • Help promote lien laws in every state.

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