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Rt. 23 Kinnelon, NJ Auto Mall Overhead Sectional Doors

November 26, 2014

Along the stretch of Rt. 23 in New Jersey a typical commuter may pass hundreds of overhead sectional doors. Dealerships, repair shops, gas stations, storefronts, and loading docks line the highway for miles and many of them utilize glass overhead sectional doors for commercial use. Many of these doors are faded, beaten, sagging, and sad looking offering passers by the impression of lack luster performance, years of abuse, and neglected curb appeal by business owners. What many of those potential customers do not realize is these sad looking overhead doors are commonly less than a decade old and the business owners are even more disappointed than the customers they just lost. On Rt. 23 there is at least one savvy business that has broken free of this vicious cycle of costly disappointment – The Auto Mall on Rt. 23 South.


ArmRLite Overhead Sectional Doors – A Quarter Century of Commercial Performance

More than 25 years ago, the Rt. 23 Auto Mall in Kinnelon New Jersey installed seventeen ArmRLite welded aluminum overhead sectional doors. These original doors stayed true to their 20 year warranty and preformed day in and day out for a quarter century without sagging or losing their curb appeal. In 2012, the Auto Mall’s owner decided it was time to change things up; He wanted the bright red finish used in the 80’s to be replaced with a more modern clear anodized look. He received bids from a number of installers offering cheap overhead doors – the same sagging doors his disappointed competitors were using.

Seventeen new welded ArmRLite overhead sectional doors were installed on the Rt. 23 Auto Mall that year and as for the business owner –he couldn’t be more satisfied.

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