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Office Partition Glass Garage Door

November 25, 2015

Glass Garage Door as office partitionAn office partition glass garage door can be an innovative way for businesses to provide private office space while still having the opportunity to combine spaces if needed.

Glass Garage Doors as Office Partitions

Office partition glass garage doors can be manufactured by ArmRLite in any size up to 30′ wide. These unique doors can be fitted with solid panels, perforated panels, louvers, glass, or acoustical glass depending on the requirements of the application.

While most office partition glass garage doors are installed to be operated manually or with a motor, some businesses do choose to have the doors installed as “fixed” walls.

In either configuration, a glass garage door partition by ArmRLite is fully customization in terms of glass, panel, and finish options.

For more information or if you have any questions regarding ArmRLite’s office partition glass garage doors please feel free to contact us.

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