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Garage Door Warehouse Conversion: Modern Living and Office Space

August 7, 2019

Converting old warehouses has become a great way to repurpose an existing building and reduce construction costs. Updating the garage door or doors on an old warehouse can provide a modern look to an otherwise dated building.

Warehouse Face Lift: Starting with the Garage Door

Whether you’re converting an existing warehouse into a commercial office space or a residential living space it’s important to determine what you want and what you need out of the garage door portion of your project.

Renovating a building can save on construction costs, however, it’s vital to understand what building codes apply before jumping into a renovation. This is especially true for the garage doors. Believe it or not, some old warehouses are protected for historical and cultural preservation so your new garage door may need to adhere to a specific look or design. You may also be required to meet certain thermal values depending on what the new building will be used for. Check with your contractor ahead of time and be sure they are providing you with an assembly that checks off everything you need in a new garage door.

Determining what you want out of the garage door is also important. What color, what type of glass, and what kind of custom options you want the door or doors to have is good to know from the beginning. Will the warehouse be converted into an office? Do you want to have operable awning windows so employees can let in fresh air during the day? Or maybe you’d want the bottom few sections of the garage door to be obscured on the ground level so light can still be let in, but prying eyes cannot?

Whatever it is you need or want in new garage doors for your warehouse renovation, ArmRLite would be glad to help. To contact our sales team, please reach out using our online contact form or call our office at 800-554-5816. Also, check out our contribution to “Our Little Warehome” for some ideas on your own warehouse conversion.

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