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Car Dealership Glass Garage Doors

Car Dealership Glass Garage Doors

September 23, 2014

Car Dealership Glass Garage Doors Case StudyArmRLite’s car dealership glass garage doors are available throughout the state of Connecticut including Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Hartford, Greenwich, Stratford, Hamden, Darien, and Norwalk. Though there are countless custom applications for our doors, most commonly it is car dealerships that demand them. Due to the unmatched strength and durability of our doors as well as their phenomenal curb appeal value, many of the largest US dealership chains require ArmRLite doors for their new or renovated locations.

Car Dealership Glass Garage Doors Case Study: BMW

A number of ArmRLite car dealership glass garage doors were installed in a Connecticut BMW in 2008. Since their installation over a decade ago, these doors have provided access into the BMW service bays without issue and continue to maintain their beautiful appearance. Though many glass garage doors might look similar at a glance, their differences never stay buried for long. Cheaply made aluminum doors will begin to sag and the sections separate over time as the bolts and screws holding them in place loosen. ArmRLite’s aluminum garage doors are warrantied against sagging or separation thanks to our exclusive welded frame. This helps keep car dealerships from having to experience the detracting effect of an ugly glass garage door in front of their valuable vehicles.

ArmRLite’s welded glass garage doors are warrantied for 20 years, except on top section when trolley operated. This warranty is decades longer than what other manufacturers in our industry can supply.

If you are interested in finding out more information on our products or if you have a location you would like to use our car dealership glass garage door on, please feel free to contact us.  If you are not sure your area is serviced by one of our approved dealers or installers, our sales staff would be glad to help.

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