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Boston Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors Feature

Boston Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors

July 21, 2014

The commercial use of aluminum and glass garage doors can be found all over the city of Boston Massachusetts. One of the most historic sites in Boston has embraced the utilization of ArmRLite’s glass garage doors; Faneuil Hall.

Since 1742, Faneuil Hall has served as a marketplace and meeting hall for Boston. The colonial era building has hosted great orators like Samuel Adams and other patriots which would become the foundation for America’s desire for independence. The use of Faneuil Hall as a government meeting place ended when Boston became a city, however the first floor of the building and surrounding grounds continue to be used today as a lively bizarre of shops, peddler carts, and restaurants better known as Quincy Marketplace.

Boston Massachusetts Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors: Quincy Marketplace Case Study

 Boston Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors ClosedIn the 1970’s, ArmRLite and our custom aluminum and glass garage doors helped Boston to transform Faneuil Hall’s marketplace into a stunning architectural achievement. Rows of welded aluminum and glass garage doors could be opened and closed as needed, allowing customers to roam and browse unimpeded through the variety of shops and product carts. These original ArmRLite aluminum and glass doors operated in Boston’s Quincy Marketplace for more than 20 years before being replaced in 2009. During the 09′ renovation, ArmRLite was called upon again to provide our exclusively welded aluminum and glass garage doors.

Boston Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors Open marketBetween the 1970’s to the 2009, the original ArmRLite glass garage doors preformed so admirably despite continuous contact by millions of tourists, shoppers, and Boston residents as well as shop keepers, carts, bicycles, weather, and use that those renovating Faneuil Hall’s Quincy Marketplace refused to use any glass garage door manufacturer other than ArmRLite.

The photographs shown here of the 09 renovated doors were taken in 2014, showcasing the exceptional durability and strength of ArmRLite’s welded aluminum and glass garage doors installed on Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall and Quincy Marketplace.

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