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Security Door


Our Security Door features an exclusively welded aluminum frame with options to meet all your security needs.

ArmRLite now offers welded aluminum-framed overhead sectional security doors. Security Doors by ArmRLite are perfect for applications that require added security due to theft or infestation risk

Ideal Applications
Food and product warehouses, food production facilities, agricultural storage locations, health and medicinal products warehouses, cosmetics and chemical storage, paper mills, distribution centers, parking garages, correction facility sally ports, laboratories and research facilities, infestation prone facilities by either bugs or vermin, structures requiring added security features or theft deterrents.


  • Chain link upward-acting security door
  • Mesh screen upward-acting security door


  • Max Width: 30’2” wide
  • Rails & Stiles: .075 – .085 Extruded 6063-T6 Alloy
  • Bottom Rail: 4 ½” or 7 ½”-tapered or sloping
  • Top Rail: 4 ½” or 7 ½”
  • Meeting Rails: 3 ⅞” wide per pair
  • End Stiles: 3 ⅜”, 4 ½”, or 7 ½” wide
  • Center Stiles: 3 ⅜” wide

Custom Options

Constructed with ArmRLite’s exclusive welding system, our overhead sectional doors offer a wide range of custom options. This customization makes ArmLite the leader in luxurious overhead sectional and garage doors and ensures our customers get the ultimate entrance door solution for their home or business.

Panel Options

PANELS Chain link, wire mesh, or security screen panels to meet project code and air space requirements.

Finish Options

ArmRLite offers a wide variety of custom colors and finishes for our aluminum and glass overhead sectional and steel roll up doors. Architects, builders, designers, homeowners, and dealers/installers use these charts to make the ideal selection for their door.

Chain Link

Chain Link

Mesh Screen

Mesh Screen

Glass Options

Due to our exclusive welded construction, ArmRLite’s aluminum overhead sectional doors are capable of the highest degree of customization. Many of the options listed below are exclusive to ArmRLite due to our superior construction method.

Interior Panel Options

Due to our exclusive welded construction, ArmRLite aluminum overhead sectional doors are capable of the highest degree of customization. ArmRLite offers a variety of panel options including solid, perforated, stamped, mesh, and louver designs. The panel options provided below are examples of the kinds of customized panel designs you can achieve with ArmRLite, however, more designs are available.

Security Door

When Your Entrance Matters!

When you choose ArmRLite for your home’s or commercial building’s entrance solution, you’re making a wise investment that will captivate your customers, impress your neighbors, and protect your family and employees.


Call 1-800-554-5816 or email ArmRLite today to discuss how we can make your vision of a luxurious, durable garage door a reality!

Security Door