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Low Headroom Track for Garage Doors

January 3, 2018

Garage doors can be supplied with a number of different track systems depending on the amount of headroom allocated for the door. Every garage door requires headroom – a garage door cannot be installed without headroom. With regard to Low Headroom Tracks, there are important factors to keep in mind.

Important Information for Low Headroom Track on Garage Doors

Low headroom track should never be the first option for a garage door. Installing a garage door with restricted headroom is difficult, expensive, and not ideal for most applications. Low headroom tracks:

  • Require more maintenance than other track systems
  • Is more difficult to use manually than other track systems
  • Headroom requirements vary greatly from application to application, there is no “standard” headroom that would work for all low headroom situations.
  • Tracks, door, and motor will be visible into the opening in most cases
  • A portion of the bottom section will not clear the opening height whether a motor is used or not.

Before specifying or designing a project with restricted headroom, please contact our support and customer service team first.

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