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Glass Garage Door Transoms - Feature

Glass Garage Door Transoms

June 25, 2014

Glass garage door transoms are fixed units within the door opening. Fixed or stationary transoms are installed in the top portion of a garage door’s opening. ArmRLite is able to fabricate transoms to match the finish, panel/glass choice, and design of our welded aluminum and glass garage doors. Transoms by ArmRLite are custom cut and welded to the size needed for a specific project, making it easier for architects and designers to plan their openings and meet code requirements for door heights.

Why use Glass Garage Door Transoms?

Glass Garage Door Transoms - Top TransomGlass garage door transoms are used for a variety of purposes. The image to the left shows an example application of a fixed ArmRLite glass transom. Transoms installed above the door can be used to add headroom in situations where there is not enough existing space above an opening for the horizontal tracks, springs, and motor to be installed. Transoms can be glass, panel, or a combination depending on the needs of the project.

Fixed transoms can also be fabricated to match and installed above adjacent ArmRLite fixed matching entry doors. Fixed transoms are not installed on the same plane as the garage door, allowing the door to operate and move behind the transom and into the opening.

Garage door transoms are often confused with fixed bottom sections or fixed sidelights. Both of these options are also available through ArmRLite with any of our welded aluminum and glass garage door models. Please consult our sales and service staff with any questions regarding our custom glass garage door transoms.

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