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Garage Door Spotlight: Faneuil Hall

February 7, 2020

What it means to have a Welded Garage Door-Faneuil HallFaneuil Hall, located in downtown Boston, is actually made up of four unique market places: Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, North Market and South Market. Built originally in 1742 by Peter Faneuil, Faneuil Hall has undergone a number of changes in its 278 year history. In the 70’s Faneuil hall added a number of ArmRLite welded overhead sectional doors to their extensive marketplace. More than 26 years later ArmRLite was tapped again to supply new overhead sectional doors on this historic location.

What it means to have a Welded Garage Door – Boston’s Historical Faneuil Hall

It’s no secret that ArmRLite welds our garage doors. It’s also well known that we have the best structural warranty for an overhead sectional garage door product in our industry. 20 years is a long time for a garage door to perform in the field, but with our welded construction method and dedication to strength and durability ArmRLite has no concern when it comes to warranting our products.  When Faneuil Hall underwent their most recent renovations in the late 2000’s, coming to ArmRLite for the overhead sectional door scope was not up for debate. The original ArmRLite sectional doors supplied during the last major renovation back in the 70’s were still working and performing each day despite exceeding their original 20 year warranty.

While some of the original doors had to be replaced due to design changes, Faneuil Hall called for all of the new overhead sectional doors to be ArmRLite.

Faneuil Hall chose ArmRLite due to our construction, our warranty, and our dedication to providing a high quality, long lasting product. More than 26 years of experience with our doors was proof that not all overhead sectional door products are made equal and good investments prove their worth over time.

For more information on our overhead sectional doors or for help on a specific project, we encourage you to contact us. Our sales team and staff would be glad to help with any stage of your project from design to procurement.

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