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Garage Door Clearance Requirements

March 28, 2018

Garage doors are often the largest moving part of a building or home. As an operable assembly, there are clearances or space related to the door, track, springs, and motor that cannot be occupied by any other obstruction.

What are the Clearances for a Garage Door?

When planning for a garage door, there are specific areas that need to be clear of any obstructions for the door to be installed and operate correctly:

  • Headroom: The space above the opening where the track radius and springs mount. Sufficient headroom space for a garage door depends on the doors size, weight, and options such as pass doors.
  • Sideroom: the space to the left and right side of the opening. Depending on your track thickness and if your doors are in a corner, your clearance requirement can vary.
  • Backroom: The space from the opening back into the room. HVAC systems, sprinklers, fans, etc cannot exist in the backroom occupied by the garage door. For specific projects, consult our sales team.

Having the right clearances for your garage door is key. Never assume you have sufficient space without checking with the manufacturer.

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