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Faster High Performance Overhead Sectional Door Motor

May 5, 2014

High speed coiling overhead doors currently available on today’s market are exorbitantly expensive and cost thousands of dollars more than an overhead sectional door of the same size. The maintenance and replacement part costs for current high speed doors is so high, it is not uncommon for owners to remove and replace them with overhead sectional doors after only a few short years. High speed overhead doors require a huge monetary investment with little return value when it comes to ensuring the system is maintained and operating safely and efficiently.

High speed overhead sectional door motorOverhead Door Motor with Faster Open and Close Speed

To address the needs of our customers and our industry, faster high performance overhead sectional doors are now available exclusively through ArmRLite Garage Door Manufacturing. Overhead sectional doors operate not by rolling into a canister, but by operating on a track system. Using our NEW Arm-R-Speed high performance motor, ArmRLite is able to provide faster operating overhead sectional doors when compared to standard operating overhead sectional doors.

Our exclusive Arm-R-Speed motor has an open/close speed of 18”-25” per second, more than 2X the speed of a standard sectional door operator. The Arm-R-Speed motor and sectional door by ArmRLite is great for car dealerships, car care centers, loading docks, boat houses, homes, and car washes. In addition to speed, ArmRLite overhead sectional doors also cost a fraction of the expense associated with current high speed canister overhead doors. Our welded aluminum doors also come with a 20 year welded frame warranty and minimal replacement and maintenance costs when compared to competing high speed doors.

Please contact us if you are interested in ArmRLite’s new high performance, faster speed overhead sectional door and motor combination.

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