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Energy Efficient Overhead Garage Door – Armor Against the Elements

May 12, 2014

Insulated Aluminum and Glass Overhead Garage DoorEnergy efficient products and green building materials are a hot topic in today’s design and construction industries. ArmRLite has become a leader in developing better and more efficient ways to conserve energy and resources when it comes to aluminum and glass overhead garage doors. For competing manufacturers, aluminum garage doors are limited on the glass thickness and insulation options available for their models. This means that most aluminum doors are not manufactured to produce an energy efficient product due to the limitations of common thru-bolt construction methods. As a leader in innovation, ArmRLite manufactures our aluminum overhead doors with exclusive heli-arch welding, resulting in a stronger product with more and better options for energy efficiency.

Insulated, Energy Efficient Aluminum and Glass Overhead Garage Door

Our approach to an insulated, energy efficient aluminum and glass overhead door can be explained in two parts as part of our Energy Efficiency Package.

·         Polyurethane expanding foam filled insulated rails and stiles: This technique is exclusive to ArmRLite and results in a fully insulated frame as all extrusions are completely filled and sealed off resulting in a water resistant feature. ArmRLite uses polyurethane foam due to its expanding properties, rather than polystyrene (think Styrofoam cups) that is used by competitors. Polystyrene does not expand to fill extrusions leaving a considerable amount of airspace in the aluminum frame and resulting in a less than ideal product. Polyurethane can also provide twice the insulation value compared to Polystyrene. ArmRLite is the only overhead door manufacturer that offers polyurethane insulated aluminum and glass overhead doors.

·         Insulated glazing and panels: Where all other manufacturers max out at ½” insulated glass thickness due to their weaker construction methods, ArmRLite is able to supply up to a full 1” thick insulated glass unit. A 1” glass unit offers better insulation and energy efficient qualities compared to a ½” unit. Insulated panels are also available as part of our energy efficiency package.

Please feel free to contact us or visit our EEP page for more information on our exclusive, insulated and energy efficient aluminum and glass overhead garage doors.

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