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Aluminum Garage Doors - Arrington Vineyards - Feature

Aluminum Garage Doors: Arrington Vineyards

February 27, 2019

In 2018 ArmRLite supplied aluminum garage doors for Arrington Vineyards in Tennessee. The project posed several challenges to the ArmRLite design team and to the installer: Doors Unlimited. These challenges were carefully addressed and the result is a beautiful installation of thirteen fully functioning aluminum garage doors.

Aluminum Garage Doors: Design Challenges and Success

Aluminum Garage Doors: Arrington Vineyards ADA pass door ArmRLite was approached by Arrington Vineyards; owned by Kip Summers, John Russell and Kix Brooks, in 2018 regarding collaborating on an egress option for their project. The vineyard wanted to use their new building as a venue for special occasions and gatherings, but did not want to limit the space by closing it in permanently with fixed doors or leaving it exposed year-round.

The task seemed simple at first as ArmRLite has years of experience supplying aluminum garage doors on restaurants, galleries, museums, and other spaces that wished to accomplish the same concept. However, Arrington Vineyards needed not only our normal Titan Model aluminum garage doors, they also needed a way to exit and enter the building when the doors were closed. What they needed were enough ADA compliant egresses to be compliant with building code requirements for the size of the space. Lucky for Arrington Vineyards, ArmRLite had an ADA compliant pass door product that was compatible with our Titan Model and would be a perfect match to their project.

Arrington Vineyards: Aluminum garage doors with crossing tracksNow with two challenges met, the last challenge proved to be the most difficult as well as the most rewarding. Three walls of the pavilion were to contain ArmRLite aluminum garage doors which means that four of the thirteen garage doors would need to be installed at a corner. Designing and installing aluminum sectional doors in corners is difficult as the doors must be manufactured with tracks that will allow the doors to pass over and under each other without hinderance while still adhering to the clearance requirements for each individual assembly. Thanks to the expertise of the installer, Doors Unlimited, combined with the skills of our engineering team Arrington Vineyards final challenge was successfully overcome.

The result of months of designing, planning, measuring, manufacturing, and finally installation by Doors Unlimited is nothing short of glorious and a testament to the skills and ingenuity of ArmRLite Door Manufacturing and Doors Unlimited.

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