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Impact Resistant Glass on Fire Station Doors

Impact Resistant Glass on Fire Station Doors

September 21, 2016

Many new fire station glass garage doors are at the mercy of local code requirements regarding impact resistance and windload. With regard to impact resistant glazing; ArmRLite offers two unique solutions to our customers

Impact Glass on Fire Station Doors

ArmRLite has two distinct and very different glass options available for locations that require more from glass garage doors than can typically be supplied by competing manufacturers. The first, and most often used option by ArmRLite, is a laminated unit with a large missile impact tested interlayer for compliance with Miami Dade code requirements. The other option is a light weight multi-wall polycarbonate which has also been tested for large missile impact.

Impact Resistant Laminate Glass for Fire Stations

Impact resistant laminates, particularly for large missile, are too thick or too heavy for most glass garage doors manufactures to use in their aluminum frames. ArmRLite is different thanks to our welded construction. With an ArmRLite door, fire stations that require impact laminates are able to get the doors they need to meet code without having to compromise on the wish for an aluminum sectional door.

ArmRLite’s impact laminated glass is a laminated unit with a Safelx interlayer which has been tested for large missile impact and approved by Miami Dade.

Impact Resistant Multi-Wall Glazing for Fire Stations

As an alternative to the heavy laminated glass, Fire Station’s looking for larger doors over the typical 14 x 14 dimension are encouraged to use the light weight multi-wall product if acceptable. The Multi-wall polycarbonate is not only impact tested, it is also insulated and is only a fraction of the weight of the laminated units.

Multi-wall polycarbonates are glass alternatives comprised of multiple walls within a single unit. The result is a horizontal fluting appearance on the exterior the glazing.

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