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Garage Door Assembly Solutions
Garage Door Assembly Solutions

Vendor Spotlight: TBP Converting Solutions

November 8, 2022

The Solutions Driven Manufacturer

TBP Converting is a custom converter and distributor, supplying assembly materials to various major markets since 1995. At TBP, we have always strived for three central beliefs: to supply the best Products, to hire the best People, and to be the best Partner. We aim to find opportunities for process improvement in our partners’ manufacturing or bottlenecks and identify creative solutions to overcome them. With our team of engineers and solution specialists, TBP is uniquely positioned to assist in requirements both large and small.

ArmRLite & TBP

When we think about manufacturers utilizing cutting-edge products in their assembly, we are talking about companies like ArmRLite. As a valued customer for over a decade, we wanted to spotlight how our partnership has excelled.

Incorporating new technologies in Garage Door assembly.

In the early goings, TBP and ArmRLite worked together to identify various applications where incorporating new technologies in 3M™ VHB™ would be beneficial for the long-term performance of different aspects in ArmRLite’s door assembly; through engaging the technical resources of 3M™ to complete adhesion testing of finished parts, we found multiple areas where newer tape solutions would extend the longevity of the bonded parts to ensure they held up over the test of time.

Shortly thereafter we partnered again to tackle ArmRLite’s plans to get a hurricane impact rating on their door’s glass packages through incorporating the latest in 2-part structural silicone materials. Together TBP and ArmRLite have taken the best garage door in the industry and made it suitable for all markets, from high-end residential to the most extreme commercial requirements.

The Future with ArmRLite

Assembly Innovation
Since Innovation is one of ArmRLite’s main objectives, we stand with them to provide any needed solutions. And thanks to this valued partnership, we’ve taken many new hires behind the scenes to ArmRLite to see how a leading manufacturer works. Support and service. Solutions. That’s ArmRLite. That’s TBP.

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