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ArmRLite Fire Station Door Glass Retainers

ArmRLite Fire Station Door Glass Retainers

July 27, 2016

Glass retainers for fire station garage doors are unique to each manufacturer. Where one may screw in their retainer another my use glues or tapes to hold their glass or panels into their frames. ArmRLite’s aluminum and glass fire station doors use a simple dual component system to ensure the glass or panels are secured safely and easily into our welded frames.

ArmRLite Retainer Beading for Glass Fire Station Doors

The first part of our retainer system surrounds the edges of the glass or panel with a soft vinyl channel. The vinyl channel protects the glass or panel against direct contact with the aluminum frame and our snap-in beading.

The rigid snap in bead is used to secure glass or panels into our aluminum frames. The beading snaps into place without requiring glue, tape, screws, or calking. This makes replacing damaged beading simple and fast.

The snap-in beading and vinyl channel glass retainers are available in different sizes depending on your glass or panel thickness. If you are looking for replacement parts, the easiest way to ensure the proper size of your glass retainer is to collect the WO# off of your fire station door. You can find out where to look for the WO# by following the directions here.

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