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Why Should You Upgrade Your Garage Door?

October 18, 2013

Why should you upgrade your garage door to an ArmRLite welded aluminum and glass garage door? Builders, architects and garage door distributors alike are turning to ArmRLite Door Manufacturing in South Plainfield, NJ for the answer.

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your Garage Door

  • Longevity

ArmRLite offers the best warranty in our industry for aluminum and glass overhead garage door. Where most manufacturers offer 1-5 year warranties, ArmRLite offers an unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty. In terms of a garage door’s longevity, most doors do not retain their optimal performance due to their construction method. The weaker the construction, the shorter the lift span of the door and the higher the costs of repair and replacement.

  • Design

Due to our welded construction, ArmRLite is able to accommodate nearly any design need. We offer our customers custom rail and stile placements, custom colors, sloping bottom rails, arched window glazing, custom panel and glass designs, as well as the only truly insulated aluminum and glass garage door option on the market. ArmRLite can help you design a custom door or help you choose of our standard models for the best fit to your project.

  • Curb Appeal

Garage doors are normally the largest moving component of a home or building and, depending on their location; they can be the most visible component as well. This means potential buyers for homes and customers for businesses receive much of their first impression of a location from the garage doors. Negative first impressions are difficult to overcome and if your existing garage doors are old, sagging, dull, or falling apart it can be even harder. Welded aluminum and glass garage doors by ArmRLite are crafted here in the U.S. with the quality our customers deserve and are great for homes or businesses as storefronts, service bays, or on parking garages.

  • Parts

Many cheaper garage doors reach their low price by phasing out parts and models and replacing them with different components. This means if a garage door is damaged and needs replacement parts, those parts are no longer available. Generally the cost of replacing a garage door is higher than the cost of fixing one meaning most of the cost savings for a cheaper door are short lived. For those that want to save more, an ArmRLite aluminum and glass garage door is the best upgrade decision they can make. We never phase out parts or models meaning replacement parts will always be available making replacing an entire door due to a lack of parts a problem our customers do not have to deal with.

  • Cost

ArmRLite aluminum and glass garage doors are not “cheap”, but they save our customers money in the long term by lasting longer, performing better, and never falling out of production like our competitors. We stand by our doors and our customers by continuing to manufacture best quality aluminum and glass garage doors on the market just as we have done for more than 60 years.

Please visit our website and see for yourself why you should upgrade your garage door to an ArmRLite welded aluminum and glass garage door.

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