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What Does Galvanized Mean for Glass Garage Doors - Feature

What Does Galvanized Mean for Glass Garage Doors?

July 9, 2018

While the frame of an aluminum and glass garage doors is made of aluminum extrusions the face hardware, springs, track, etc…are not. They are actually made of a material called galvanized steel.

What is Galvanized Hardware?

“Galvanized” refers to adding a protective zinc coating to steel to prevent rusting. Although galvanizing will help stave off corrosion of the underlying steel, rusting will be inevitable due to prolonged exposure to weather and in particular acidic or salt water conditions.

Galvanized hardware and track are silver in color; however if your ArmRLite door is finished in a color other than clear anodized you do have the option to powder coat the face hardware and track to match as closely as possible your chosen color.

Metallic Color Garage Doors

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