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What Are Delegated Design Submittals for Garage Doors?

What Are Delegated Design Submittals for Garage Doors?

August 21, 2019

Delegated design submittals for garage doors can be tricky. Many specifications issued for a project’s division 8 garage doors call out Delegated Design Submittals as part of their submittal package. Rarely though do they provide any information on what they’re looking for in these types of submittals.

Standard Shop Drawings for Garage Doors

Shop drawings are pretty typical of project submittals for a garage door. ArmRLite shop drawings are drawn in CAD files by our senior engineering staff and are created to reflect specific details of the project they are requested for. This includes the lift type, door layout, jamb type, headroom, and operators. ArmRLite’s shop drawings will show interior and exterior elevations as well as cut sheets of the door or doors to be supplied on a project. Shops can take anywhere from 5 to 10 business days (1-2 weeks) for our engineering staff to create depending on the complexity of the project. A request for shop drawings should be placed once a contract is awarded. We encourage our installers to not only use them as submittals for the project, but to also compare their site checks against them to be sure nothing critical is missed.

Delegated design submittals for garage doors

Delegated Design Submittals for Garage Doors

Delegated Design Submittals start off their life as shop drawings. However, delegated design submittals take the shop process one step farther and involve having the details reviewed and signed off on or “sealed” by a P.E. (Principle Engineer). More often than not projects with seismic or wind load requirements will need delegated design submittals as part of their approval process to confirm a garage door assembly meets the code requirements of the project area. Delegated Design Submittals cannot be revised the same way a shop drawing set would be. Where for a shop drawing our customer can simply request a revision from our engineering staff and it is taken care of in house without charge for delegated design submittals the process is much more time consuming and costly. Each time a revision is done, the P.E. will need to redo their calculations and review the results over again. This can compound into significant costs if multiple revisions are needed. Delegated design submittals should be ordered only if a contract is awarded to a garage door dealer/installer and only after the shop details have been supplied and approved. This ensures that no revisions will be needed once the delegated design submittals are done.

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