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Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance

October 18, 2013

Seasonal garage door maintenance is an important factor in keeping your residential garage door in peak condition. Now that summer has officially ended and cooler fall weather is becoming the norm, it’s time to think about adding some simple garage door cleaning and maintenance to your regular end of summer home maintenance routine. The beginning of fall is the perfect time to clean your garage door before the colder weather hits and you have to battle the elements just to do some basic maintenance.

These garage door maintenance and cleaning tips are easy enough to do yourself without having to call your garage door installer. By adding these tips to your regular home maintenance routine you’ve taken the preventative measures necessary to ensure that your garage door runs problem-free all winter long.

Easy Seasonal Garage Door Maintenance Tips

  1. Since summer brings humidity and pollen it’s almost certain that your garage door has a coat of dirt and pollen covering its surfaces. A light wash with a regular household detergent will not only improve the look of your garage door, but will also prevent dirt and pollen from collecting in the moving parts of the door.
  2. Test your garage door by opening and closing it a few times. If it’s a manual garage door try to feel for points of resistance or where the door “sticks”. If it’s an automatic garage door watch and listen for points where the garage door seems to stick or strain to close. If you find these trouble areas, a simple 3 in 1 lubricant applied to the roller tracks and hinges will allow for seamless movement. This will also help to prevent rust and corrosion of the moving parts.
  3. As colder weather approaches it’s important to make sure as little heat as possible is escaping from your home, showroom or warehouse. Check the weather-stripping along the perimeter of your garage door to make sure there is no peeling or cracking and replace old dried out weather stripping if need be. This will keep water and moisture from leaking into the moving parts and freezing, inhibiting movement or causing larger problems.

For larger maintenance tasks, please feel free to reach out to us if your door requires service. Be sure to check in regularly for more easy tips on seasonal garage door maintenance.


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