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Open Your Garage Door In A Power Outage

November 30, 2013

New Jersey winters don’t just bring bitter cold winds and black ice. They also bring severe winter storms that range from ice and sleet to hail and thick blankets of snow. While these storms can sometimes result in playtime for the kids, making snow angels and snowmen they can also knock out the power in your home. For those of us with electric garage door openers, getting into the garage can pose a unique challenge. The good news is there is a safe and easy way to open your door during a power outage so you can get access to your car and get back to your daily routine.

Step One: Your first job is to find the emergency release cord. This step is fairly easy since all newer electric garage doors come with an emergency release cord. These cords hang from the center rail for the door and normally have a red-colored handle for easy grip to pull on the cord.

Step Two: Firmly pull the cord down and towards the garage door motor head. You should hear a click and see shutterstock_85743694the metal piece attached to the cord, called the pivot, change position. This means that the mechanical mechanism has been released from the track to allow for manual movement.

Step 3: Now that the mechanical component has been released you are free to take the handle at the bottom of your rollup garage door and manually lift the door up and open. The door should stay open on its own. However, if it doesn’t it is always best to have a second person with you to hold it while you move your car.

When the power comes back on simply raise the door manually once more and press your electric open button on the wall to bring the mechanical components back into the “open” position. Once it’s finished slowly pull the door back down into the closed position to reattach the door to the opener.

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