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DIY Overhead Sectional Garage Door Installation: Costs to Consider in Advance

DIY Overhead Sectional Garage Door Installation: Costs to Consider in Advance

December 13, 2019

Do it yourself (DIY) overhead sectional garage door installation may seem like a great way to cut costs on a project. However, it is important to consider not just the upfront monetary cost savings in forgoing a professional installation but also the costs incurred should the installation go wrong.

The Risks of DIY Overhead Sectional Door Installations

First and foremost, ArmRLite does not condone or promote installations of our doors and products by anyone other than a professional sectional door installer. All of our products must be installed by one of our approved overhead sectional garage door dealers/installers within our national network. If you are in need of a professional installer for your project, please let us know. That being said, there are companies out there that will accept the risk and even encourage installation by non-professionals. Installations done by inexperienced installers or “handymen” are often riddled with issues and can be unsafe both to the person attempting the installation and to the people who will be using the door(s) on a regular basis.

DIY installations of overhead sectional garage doors are not like hanging a cabinet or installing a front door. Overhead sectional garage doors are large machines designed to move vertically and, more often than not, hang directly over your head when in use. Ensuring the tracks are properly anchored and secured to the structure is something a door professional will always do. Installers that do not have experience installing these products may not know this critical information resulting in catastrophic failure.

In addition, the springs supplied with overhead sectional doors are under a lot of tension and must be handled and installed with care. If not installed properly, the door may not open or may open like a rocket. Improper handling of torsion springs.

If the overhead sectional garage door is to be installed with an operator, additional issues can arise. An experienced installer will know how to reinforce the door for an operator which will ensure the integrity of the top section. Safety devices must be installed properly to ensure the safety of people, pets, and property.

The cost savings of a DIY installation vs. a professional one pale in comparison to the costs associated with damaged property, serious injury, or death. Regardless if the project is residential or commercial, overhead sectional garage doors should always be installed and serviced by a trained professional. Keep your family safe! Hire an experienced, well trained professional overhead sectional garage door installer.

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