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Steel Garage Doors vs. Aluminum Garage Doors - Feature

Aluminum or Steel: Which garage door is better?

February 21, 2020

Steel garage door comparison by ArmRLiteGarage doors can be manufactured out of a number of different types of material such as wood, vinyl, composites, steel or aluminum. While there are many options out there, steel and aluminum have the largest market share among new garage door installations. Both materials are reliable and both have been available for many years. So, which is the better one? That answer depends on a number of factors specific to your project.

Steel Garage Doors vs. Aluminum Garage Doors

Cost is the first hurdle to overcome when planning a project and garage doors are no exception. The cost for aluminum and steel is constantly changing as supply and demand grow and wane over time. In general, a steel garage door will cost less than an aluminum garage door of the same size. However, a garage door with stainless steel components will be more costly than an aluminum one should the project require it.

Aluminum garage door comparison by ArmRLiteIn terms of durability, an aluminum garage door will be lighter in weight and offer better protection in high wind events than a steel door of the same size. A lighter door will last longer and put less stress on moving parts than the same size door made from a heavier material like steel.

Corrosion resistance is one of an aluminum garage door’s strongest points. Aluminum will not rust like steel due to its naturally occurring oxide film and the extrusion process it undergoes. Steel garage doors, on the other hand, will require treatments like paint to resist corrosion. However, even paint can’t stop rust over time. Steel garage doors are most likely made from galvanized steel to help resist corrosion, but they will eventually rust. ArmRLite does offer stainless steel upgrades on our galvanized components like track and face hardware to resist corrosion as well.

If you’re not sure which type of garage door is the best fit for your project, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team is always willing to help.

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