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Large Missile Impact Glass Garage Doors for the Sports Industry

August 4, 2016

ArmRLite is pleased to offer Large Missile Impact Glass which is perfect for sports arenas that require impact or shatter resistant glazing.  This new option for the sports industry is highly beneficial because it offers impact resistance against large projectiles, such as footballs and baseballs, without shattering while at the same time offering insulation benefits for enclosed arenas and practice fields.

Large Missile Impact Resistant Glass Garage Doors

Our large missile impact glass is a multi-wall polycarbonate with horizontal fluting as a result of the interior wall structure of the glass.  Large missile impact polycarbonates come in 5/8″ thick 5-wall or 1″ thick 7-wall in clear, frosted, or tinted options.  The R-value for 5/8” insulated glass unit is approximately 2.8 while the R-value for the thicker 1” glass is 3.8.  As the only glass garage door manufacturer in the US that can accommodate 1” thick glass units into our frames, we are proud to offer this new product the sports industry.  Other industries that may find our large missile impact glass garage doors valuable include community centers, schools and other types of recreational centers. 

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