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ArmRLite Advantage: Sloped Openings, Mail Slots and Pet Doors

ArmRLite Advantage: Sloped Openings, Mail Slots and Pet Doors

April 20, 2020

ArmRLite has made a name for itself by tackling old concepts of overhead door requirements and providing options that had previously been deemed “impossible”. We confronted egress issues with our ADA compliant pass door and versatility desires with our push-out awning windows. Thermal needs are now met by our 1” insulated glass and Energy Efficiency options and extended size openings up to 30’ wide are no longer scrapped due to product limitations. ArmRLite takes each obstacle is an opportunity to improve the products we offer our customers and the industry as a whole.

Go with the Slope: A Solution for Uneven Thresholds

A solution for uneven thresholds for overhead sectional doorsOne of the most common or traditional requirements for an overhead sectional door opening is that the bottom threshold be level. This old standby has been in place since the debut of overhead sectional doors into the commercial and residential markets more than a century ago. In the past, an opening that had a non-level surface could not accept an overhead sectional door product safely until the floor was leveled out. ArmRLite has made that requirement a relic of the past.

Sloped or un-even thresholds with regard to overhead sectional doors are defined as openings that are taller on one side and shorter on the other. While no opening will ever truly be perfectly level, the difference in height on a sloped opening is more than what the standard bottom astragal or seal can address when the door is closed.

ArmRLite has developed a way to provide custom sloped bottom sections to meet the needs of openings in this situation safely and without compromising the lifespan of the product. Common applications include; old civic and public buildings, homes and most commonly in cities or towns with a combination of elevated and low lying areas like San Francisco. Sloped bottom sections are available on new products only, they cannot be retrofitted onto an existing door.

In addition to providing doors with sloped bottoms, ArmRLite can also address other concerns like mail slots and pet doors. Like sloped bottom sections, mail slots and pet doors can only be installed on new products and are not available for retrofitting. Specific requirements for pet doors should be provided at time of quoting. Example requirements include the size of the pet door, location, and desired features.

If you have any questions regarding our sloped bottom sections, mail slots or pet doors please feel free to contact us. Our customer service team would be glad to help.

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