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ArmRLite Advantage: ADA Compliant Garage Door

ArmRLite Advantage: ADA Compliant Garage Door

March 6, 2020

There are many advantages in using an ArmRLite garage door over other market options. The biggest advantage by far though is our exclusive welded aluminum construction method. Unlike through bolts or screws that can weaken or loosen over time, a weld is permanent. Welded construction offers unbeatable strength and endurance value that the common construction methods can’t match.

ArmRLite Advantage ADA Compliant Garage Door with Wheelchair Access

Welded construction allows ArmRLite to supply options for our garage doors that other manufactures cannot. One of the most impressive and highly valued options is our ADA compliant, no step over, pass door.

Wheelchair Accessible Egress for a Garage Door

ArmRLite’s ADA compliant pass door for our aluminum garage doors is stable, secure, and safe for use as a public egress. Perfect for applications with limited space or commercial locations that want to maximize the utility of their storefronts, the ADA Compliant pass door is the solution to long-standing egress struggles in urban and metropolitan areas.

The ADA compliant pass door does have specific requirements that must be met by the application to ensure safe and long-lasting function. These requirements include:

  • 24” Minimum headroom above the garage door opening
  • Minimum 5 ½” side room on the left and right sides of the garage door opening
  • Maximum 10’ wide and minimum 8′ tall
  • Swing out only (inswing doors are not available) and located in the center of the garage door
  • Motor operation required with pass door interlock switch

Panic hardware is available if required and pass door interlock switches for safety are standard on any motor we supply with our ADA pass door. If reusing an operator or supplying your own, we require the unit be compatible and supplied with a pass door interlock switch.

The ADA pass door allows users to either walk through the garage door via the pass door or open the whole garage door for a full opening egress. Café’s, restaurants, studios, gyms, and even residential applications can benefit from this type of function flexibility.

For more information on our ADA compliant pass door, please contact us. Our sales team would be glad to help.

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