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Titan® Commercial Garage Door Model | Glass Overhead Sectional Door

November 17, 2017

Titan® commercial garage doors Titan® Commercial Garage Door Model shown with custom Kynar®/Duranar® 20 year warranty finish

Our Titan® commercial garage doors are wind loaded glass overhead sectional doors  built to withstand the daily rigors of the most demanding installations.

Titan® commercial garage doors doors, produced from rugged hollow aluminum shapes welded together into frames of exceptional strength and integrity, continue to operate year in and year out under extremely harsh conditions, oblivious to mistreatment and environmental forces. Click here to compare the Electra, Titan®, and Custom CI Models.

Titan® Model Wind Loaded Glass Overhead Sectional Door

Titan Commercial Garage door quote

DOWNLOAD: Titan® Commercial Garage Door Brochure.pdf

WIND LOAD RATED MODEL – Consult factory regarding specific windload values


MAX WIDTH:            up to 24’2” wide

RAILS AND STILES:        .075 – .085 Extruded 6063-T6 Alloy, 1 ¾” thick

Bottom Rail                         4 ½”, 7 ½”

Top Rail                               2 ¾”, 4 ½”, 7 ½” 

Meeting Rails                      3 3/8” wide per pair

End Stiles                             3 3/8”, 4 ½”, 7 ½” wide

Center Stiles                        3 3/8” wide

Finish Choices:

 Windloaded Overhead Sectional Door - Titan 1 year warranty pwdercoat Titan Windloaded Overhead Sectional Door -20 year warranty Finish

Windloaded Overhead Sectional Door - Titan 10 year warranty finishAnodized Finishes for Titan Model

*Installations within 1 mile of salt water are not covered under finish warranties.

Titan Garage Door Welded Aluminum Construction Method

Lengths of 6063-T5 alloy hollow aluminum are cut to size for rails and stile. Stiles are then contour-milled and accurately joined to the rails by concealed welding to produce flush hairline joints and a framework unequaled in strength and durability.

Windloaded Overhead Sectional Door - Titan Construction Method

Titan® Cross Section and Plan View

Titan® Commercial Garage Door Model Options:

*These options are not available if project requires windload rating

Structural Warranty:

The commercial Titan® Model comes with our unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty, except on top sections when trolley operated.

Finish Warranties:

  • ARL White and anodized finishes: 20 year warranty
  • Faux wood finishes: 10 year warranty
  • Custom Fluropon® finishes: 20 year warranty
  • RAL powdercoat: 1 year warranty

The Titan® commercial garage door with glass overhead sectional door is manufactured by ArmRLite, the leader in overhead door manufacturing since 1958. The titan model is a commercial wind loaded glass overhead sectional door.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our patented Titan commercial garage doors.

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