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Slope Feature

Sloping Bottom Bars

March 12, 2014

Sloping bottom section garage door by ArmRLite

Sloping Bottom Section for Overhead Garage Doors

ArmRLite offers an exclusive option for projects with openings that have uneven floors or sloping driveways. As a universal rule for garage doors, overhead sectional doors cannot be installed on unleveled or sloping ground. ArmRLite has now overcome this limitation with our innovative sloping bottom bar option for our welded aluminuim and glass overhead sectional doors.

The sloping bottom bar is designed to mimic the downward slope of the ground beneath the bottom section of our welded overhead secitonal doors, supporting the frame and ensuring the structural integrity of our door.

Only ArmRLite, with our unmatched quality and strength, can achieve this design without compromising the safety of our doors. No other manufacturer can match our superior welded construction.


If you are interested in a sloping bottom section for your ArmRLite overhead sectional door, please request a quote for this option through the “Get a Quote” form for any of our commercial welded aluminum overhead sectional door models.

If you have any questions regarding our sloping bottom bar, please feel free to contact us.

All ArmRLite welded aluminum models can accommodate a sloping bottom section.


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