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Sectional Garage Doors in Utah - Feature

Sectional Garage Doors in Utah

January 19, 2017

With over half of Utah’s population belonging to a religious congregation, sectional garage doors are perfect for churches and other congregational halls.  ArmRLite’s sectional garage doors can be used in many different forms including being used as a room partition.

Room Partitions Made From Sectional Garage Doors for Utah Properties

ArmRLite has recently found a new application for sectional garage doors which is a fixed unit that can be used as a room partition.  These room partitions are perfect for churches and congregational halls that need to divide a large space without major construction renovations.  ArmRLite’s room partitions can be made with safety glass or solid panel.  The glass units are offered in clear, frosted or tinted colors and all room partitions are made with our exclusive welded construction method.  Contact us now for more information on room partitions made from sectional garage door materials for your Utah property.


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