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Roll Up Garage Doors in Missouri

Roll Up Garage Doors in Missouri

October 4, 2016

During 2016, the Midwest has seen a rise in flash floods that pose dangerous and even life threatening situations to the Midwest residents. Water can easily slide under your garage door but ArmRLite has a solution that can help water infiltration during these epic floods.

Flood Vents for Roll Up Garage Doors

roll-up-garage-doors-in-missouri-bodyArmRLite is proud to offer Midwest customers a way to prevent damaging water pressure buildup in their garages with our roll up door flood vents. The flood vents function by remaining closed unless there is enough water pressure present, such as in a flood situation, to cause the vent to automatically unlatch and open. Pressure is then relieved by allowing water to enter and exit through the garage door frame. Contact us to learn more about flood vents for your roll up garage doors in Missouri.


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