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Roll Up Garage Doors for Oregon Greenhouses

Roll Up Garage Doors for Oregon Greenhouses

November 8, 2016

Oregon is home to over 2 million square feet of greenhouse space with the demand for greenhouse products on the rise.  Increasing amounts of greenhouses in Oregon require the best roll up garage doors in the industry, which are manufactured by ArmRLite.

Multiwall Polycarbonate Glass for Greenhouse Roll Up Garage Doors

roll-up-garage-doors-for-oregon-greenhouses-bodyFor years, ArmRLite has worked with greenhouses across the country to provide the most efficient roll up doors for their greenhouses.  Greenhouses find our multiwall polycarbonate glass the most efficient for their greenhouses due to its light weight attributes and unique insulation properties.  ArmRLite’s multi-wall polycarbonate glazing is available in four different wall structures: 2, 3, 5, and 7 walls and is a great alternative to the standard monolithic and laminate glazing.  In addition, multi-wall polycarbonates offer UV benefits  making them ideal for roll up garage doors in Oregon greenhouses. 


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