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How ArmRLite’s Overhead Sectional Doors Perform in Natural Disasters

March 21, 2017

ArmRLite is proud to be the only manufacturer of overhead sectional doors that takes the time to weld the bolts of our garage doors which produces a stronger and sturdier product when compared to the competition.  Due to our exclusive welded construction method, ArmRLite’s doors outperform the competition in floods and other natural disasters.

Evidence After Flooding Impacts

The above picture was taken in Hoboken, New Jersey after a major storm caused significant flooding to the City.  The garage door on the left was made by ArmRLite whereas the garage door on the right was made by another manufacturer.  As evident in the picture, the ArmRLite door was able to sustain the flooding impact as well as wind damage due to our exclusive welded construction method.  The competition’s door is bent, cannot close properly and will ultimately have to be replaced.  For over 60 years, ArmRLite has been a leader in the garage door industry so if your property is susceptible to flooding or other natural disasters, contact ArmRLite for a free consultation on choosing the perfect overhead sectional door.

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