ArmRLite fiberglass garage doors are designed for both residential and commercial applications. Great for greenhouses, salt barns or for a home garage ArmRLite’s fiberglass garage doors are welded, corrosion resistant, and carry the best warranty on the market for this type of overhead sectional door.

Fiberglass Garage Doors with Flat, White Translucent Panels

ArmRLite’s fiberglass garage doors have a welded aluminum frame which is much stronger and more resistant to separation than typical through-bolted models. Our welded frames are also warrantied for 20 years, except top section when trolley operated on commercial projects. Residential projects carry a lifetime warranty, except on top section when trolley operated.

The infill panels on the fiberglass garage doors are made of flat, white translucent fiberglass. Corrugated fiberglass is no longer available on this model. The white fiberglass panels allow light in, but are not transparent. This means that shadows may be seen through the fiberglass panes, but clear images of what is behind the door cannot be seen.

An insulated version of our fiberglass garage door is also available. Insulated white fiberglass is not translucent and will not allow light to pass through. Insulated fiberglass can be combined with our Energy Efficiency Package for even better thermal performance.

Typical applications of the fiberglass garage door include, but are not limited to chemical storage, salt barns, greenhouses, service stations, car washes, residential applications, and storage sheds. Each fiberglass garage door is manufactured to order and can be built to your specific size needs up to 30’ wide. Because fiberglass is lightweight, most door sizes can be operated manually without a need for a motor. However, for larger sizes please consult with our sales team to confirm if your fiberglass garage door should be operated by hand or with a motor operator.