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Arm-R-Breeze counter door Feature

Arm-R-Breeze Commercial Garage Door Model | Counter Overhead Sectional Door

March 20, 2019

Arm-R-Breeze overhead sectional counter doorOur Arm-R-Breeze commercial counter garage doors are designed to fit into the smaller openings typically reserved for bar tops or kitchen windows. Arm-R-Breeze commercial counter garage doors are fabricated using our exclusive heli-arch welded construction method for exceptional strength and integrity.

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Arm-R-Breeze Commercial Counter Garage Door

DOWNLOAD: Arm-R-Breeze Commercial Counter Garage Door Brochure.pdf

WIND LOAD OPTIONS – Consult factory regarding specific windload values


RAILS AND STILES:        .075 – .085 Extruded 6063-T6 Alloy, 1 ¾” thick

Bottom Rail                         2 ¾”, 4 ½”, 7 ½”

Top Rail                                2 ¾”, 4 ½”, 7 ½” 

Meeting Rails                     2 ¾” wide per pair

End Stiles                             3 3/8”, 4 ½”, or 7 ½” wide

Center Stiles                        1 3/16” wide T bar shape

 Finish Choices:

Overhead counter door fluropon finishes Overhead counter door anodize finishes

Overhead counter door powder coat finishes Overhead counter door faux wood finishes

*Installations within 1 mile of salt water are not covered under finish warranties.

Arm-R-Breeze counter Garage Door Welded Aluminum Construction Method

Lengths of 6063-T5 alloy hollow aluminum are cut to size for rails and stile. Stiles are then contour-milled and accurately joined to the rails by concealed welding to produce flush hairline joints and a framework unequaled in strength and durability.

Arm-R-Breeze Commercial Counter Garage Door Model Options:

*These options are not available if project requires windload rating

Structural Warranty:

The commercial Arm-R-Breeze Model comes with our unmatched 20 year welded frame warranty, except on top sections when trolley operated.

Finish Warranties:

  • Anodized finishes: 20 year warranty
  • Faux wood finishes: 10 year warranty
  • Custom Fluropon® finishes: 20 year warranty
  • RAL powdercoat: 1 year warranty

The Arm-R-Breeze commercial counter garage door is manufactured by ArmRLite, the leader in overhead door manufacturing since 1958.

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