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Five Reasons ArmRLite Should Be Your Chosen Overhead Door Manufacturer

June 10, 2020

Are you on the fence about which overhead door to include in your next new home construction, commercial build or remodel? All of your needs, and more, will be met with an ArmRLite overhead door. While the investment will last a lifetime, the benefits are endless as well. To start, here are five great reasons to look no further.

1. Quality

We never, ever compromise on quality. Our tubular, four-sided extrusion puts us in front of the competition with a stronger product and beautiful design. Our welded aluminum frames are built to last and will not sag or compromise over time. The variety of colors, style and uses prove that functionality does not have to be limiting. And if that’s not enough, we choose to go above industry standards with a 20-year warranty.

2. Customization

An overhead door isn’t just a door… it’s an entranceway…a first impression. The wow-factor of an ArmRLite door comes as much from the look as it does the function. For instance, the ADA Compliant Pass Door features an exclusive no step-over bottom rail which makes it a perfect choice for restaurant, corporate, and so many other architectural uses. The Acoustical/Sound Reducing Package has multiple applications thanks to the beautiful glass appearance and soundproofing sectional door. Custom Panel Options are available in perforated, mesh, stamped, and louvered styles for that unique design that only ArmRLite can provide. Customization can even include mail slots or pet doors if requested.

3. Environment

We always have the environment in mind when developing our products. Take, for example, the Corrosion Resistance Package. These overhead doors are specially constructed to withstand harsh environments where standard steel doors would rust and corrode. With Flood Vents, your home or business gets maximum protection. When the internal float meets floodwaters, the locked latch releases and allows some water inside, relieving building pressure on the door, and closes as the water exits, minimizing structural damage. Pretty ingenious, if we do say so ourselves. The Energy Efficiency Package offers superior insulation by injecting the aluminum frame with polyurethane expanding foam to aid in eliminating water infiltration. You won’t find that anywhere else!

4. Trends

These days, the latest trends and advances in technology go hand-in-hand. A great example of this in our new Instafrost glass feature. Now, you no longer have to choose between clear or frosted finishes…you can have both. Available in 7 color options, our Instafrost glass can be changed from clear to frosted instantly, with the click of a button, creating privacy in just seconds. Style trends also include more use of wood in sectional doors, but not just any wood. ArmRLite offers a Rosalia Wood Deluxe Model featuring the highly sought-after Ipe wood, or Brazilian walnut, from South America, an extremely dense and durable wood resistant to rot, abrasion, weather, and insects.

5. Service

All companies say it. We own it! Great service isn’t just our ability to walk you through every detail of finding the right door for your project, but it’s providing peace of mind…for decades. Whether you need a replacement part today or in 60 years, we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for. It’s just rare that our doors even need it 😉

At ArmRLite, we don’t mess around. We deliver.

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