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ArmRLite Advantage: Diverse Product Line

ArmRLite Advantage: Diverse Product Line

March 20, 2020

ArmRLite has the most diverse product line of overhead sectional doors on the market today. While other companies struggle with diversifying the products they offer, ArmRLite has consistently provided commercial and residential applications cutting edge innovations year after year. Our willingness to embrace market demands for custom products has helped secure ArmRLite’s place as an innovation leader in the overhead sectional door market.

Stronger Extrusions = Stronger Products

Diverse product line of overhead sectional doors ArmRLite Our expanding product line would not be possible without having a strong manufacturing method. Welded construction is synonymous with ArmRLite, however, our welds are not the only part of our construction that sets us apart from other manufacturers. The type of extrusions we use to build our welded sectional doors is a key advantage to having an ArmRLite door. Extrusions are the vertical and horizontal aluminum parts of the door sections. To keep costs low, some manufactures will build their doors with 3- sided extrusions. That’s like building a room with only 3 walls. It’s less costly, but not nearly as strong.

ArmRLite uses only 4-sided extrusions in the construction of our welded doors. A 4 walled product can distribute pressure and stress better than a 3 walled product, meaning the bones of our doors are tough even before we weld them together.

4-sided extrusions help us diversify our products by giving us a strong foundation to build on. They help us to offer our 30’ wide Custom CI Model, our ADA compliant pass door option, our Arm-R-Breeze Counter Door Model, and our new Contempo Smooth flush exterior door. If ArmRLite were to use the weaker 3-sided extrusions for cost-saving measures like others do, these products would not be possible.

If you have any questions regarding our manufacturing method or any of our current product lines, please feel free to contact us. Our sales team would be glad to help.

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