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ArmRLite Advantage: Consistency

ArmRLite Advantage: Consistency

March 16, 2020

Hassle-free deliveries and replacement parts for garage doorsArmRLite truly values each and every one of our customers whether they need a new garage door or are looking for repair on an existing door. This consistency is what makes ArmRLite unique. Consistent service, consistent quality, and consistent value each and every time. Where other manufacturers dedicate their time to the large dollar figure endeavors such as new construction projects, ArmRLite treats all of our customers with the same level of service regardless of project value.

Garage Door Replacement Parts and Hassle-Free Deliveries

Ask anyone looking for replacement parts on a product they purchased twenty years ago, and more often than not, you will receive a story of agitation and wasted time. This is not unique to any one industry, including the garage door industry. Replacement parts are often casualties of the race to the bottom mindset many manufacturers have with regard to cheapening their products to cut costs. Competitors may be able to offer a product for less by changing key components of their model, but customers who purchased the model before the change may not be able to get replacement parts for their door(s) down the road.

ArmRLite is different. Our aluminum and glass garage doors have been manufactured the same way for more than 60 years. This means that it is easy to order exact replacement sections or parts for our doors, regardless of model or manufacture year. Every one of our doors is assigned a unique WO# which can be located on a sticker or permanant plate on the inside bottom rail of our doors. With this serial number system, our sales team can quickly quote replacement parts for our customers without concern.

In addition to replacement parts, shipping is another area that can be overlooked or underappreciated with regard to consistent customer satisfaction. There are enough variables on a project to begin with, worrying about delivery should not be a hassle. Regardless of project size, ArmRLite works hard to provide our customers with on-time, hassle-free deliveries every time a product leaves our shop. Jobsite deliveries can increase efficiency for our dealers/installers to prevent double handling.

For more information on replacement parts for our welded aluminum glass garage doors or if you have any shipping/delivery questions, please contact us. Our sales team would be glad to help.

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