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AIA Continuing Education - Feature

AIA Continuing Education

May 22, 2020

Continuing education units (CEUs) are a unit of credit awarded to a professional upon completion of an accredited program in their field of study. Doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects are all required to participate in continuing education courses and activities in order to retain their professional status. The American Institute of Architects (AIA) offers professional architects a way of earning valid CEUs by completing courses designed and run by registered AIA CES providers. Courses taken through registered providers will award CES credits to participants.

ArmRLite is a registered AIA CES provider with regard to the topic of overhead sectional doors. Our current courses are recognized by AIA and upon completion, participants will we provided with a certificate and credits which can be applied against their requirement to retain professional status.

Free AIA CES Course with ArmRLiteFree AIA CES Course

ArmRLite currently offers a course on how to maximize space and energy savings with an ADA compliant entrance door in an overhead door. Course # ARL001 / ARL02. The purpose of this course is to explain the benefits of having an ADA compliant entrance door incorporated into an aluminum overhead sectional door. Key highlights include:

  • How to properly specify this type of product
  • How to identify when and where this product would be applicable
  • How this type of product can maximize space and energy efficiency for a project
  • How this type of product can solve real world challenges with regard to public egress

ArmRLite AIA CES courses are offered either remotely (distance learning) or face-to-face to architects both within the United States and internationally if needed. Instructor availability will determine when face-to-face courses can be conducted.

To register for an AIA CES course with ArmRLite please visit our AIA course page and fill out your registration form and submit electronically through our website. A member of our Architectural Liaison team will be in touch to coordinate your course with you once your form received and processed.

AIA CES courses through ArmRLite are provided at no charge to participants.

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