ArmRLite Exclusive ADA Compliant Pass Door

ArmRLite now offers our exclusive ADA compliant no step over pedestrian pass door (man door) for our Titan and Custom CI Models. This pass door is available in either motor or manually operated doors and is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, meaning it is wheelchair accessible.

  • Pass door is built to the height and width required by local codes. Please consult factory prior to specifying.
  • Pass door leafs to contain 1/8″ glazing, aluminum panel, or light weight glazing alternative only (Please consult factory)
  • ADA pass door are designed/manufactured to “swing out” only.




ADA Compliant No Step Over Pass Door for ArmRLite Overhead Sectional Doors



  • Overhead sectional door width cannot exceed 10′-2″
  • Overhead sectional door height cannot be less than 9′-0″
  • Minimum 24″ headroom requirement
  • Windload and assembly thermal performances are not available on sectional doors with pass doors

Regarding insulation:

  • Pass door leafs to contain 1/8″ tempered glass or solid aluminum panel only due to weight.
  • Fully paneled doors can be insulated on sectionals up to 10′-2″ with an ADA pass door.

Regarding Placement/Location of Pass Door:

  • ADA Pass door must be located in the center of the sectional door only.

If you are interested in an our ADA compliant pass door for your ArmRLite overhead sectional door, please request a quote for this option through the “Get a Quote” form for either of the (2) models below:

Available Models with ADA Compliant Pass Door

ADA Compliant Titan model Pass Door                   ADA Compliant Pass Door for Custom CI Model

If you have any questions regarding our ADA compliant pass door, please feel free to contact us.

Only ArmRLite’s commercial Titan and Custom CI aluminum overhead sectional garage door models are available with an ADA compliant pedestrian pass door.